XYZ Professional Color 3D Printer, PartPro200 xTCS (2741828321365)

XYZ Professional Color 3D Printer, PartPro200 xTCS

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All-in-One Redefined

  • Change the way you work. Scan and print in full color using only one machine, the PartPro200 xTCS.
  • Productivity matters. With a built-in 3D scanning module, streamline your modeling workflow.
  • 3D scan your favorite objects, make edits to them and print directly in full color. All these using only one 3D printer.
  • Optimize your scans with XYZscan Color. A scanning software tool designed with a wide range of settings for the best scan results. Scan files can be exported in .obj and .stl formats, allowing for post-editing with XYZmaker or other software.Bonus.
  • The PartPro200 xTCS also has laser engraving capability. Simply swap the print head for our laser engraver add-on. Add a professional touch to your creative projects by engraving on materials such as paper, cardboard, leather, wood, and plastic.